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Augie's Quick Post

Welcome to Augie’s Corner, today we will be interviewing Sunny Frazier, who wears many hats at the same time, not only is she an Award Winning Writer, but also an Acquisition Editor, whose soon to be released  ‘A Snitch in Time’ by Oak Tree Press. 

Welcome Sunny,

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. I know that you are very busy, but sometime we all need to take a break, just to sit and talk with a friend.

Sunny, you all over the Internet from blogging on Face Book, Crime Space, Oak Tree Press, (oh that’s your home page), and you are so busy, updating your Posse with sites to visit. We’ll get back to the Posse in a little bit. So let’s sit back and talk over a hot cup of tea, actually let’s have a glass of homemade lemonade if you don’t mind, I’ll treat.

Q. Let’s go back a little in time; I know that you are published in at least two novels, and many other publications. I’m wondering since you are so versatile how this new Christy Bristol Astrology Mystery fit into any of your other novels, and if it does not then what is the difference?
A.  A. This is the third in the series. With each book, Christy grows a bit as a person, both in her self-reliance and self-image. There are several themes I want to examine with the book. First, can astrology be used as a tool to profile and find a killer? Second, who is the better friend: Christy or Lennie? And finally, what will my protagonist do when she realizes not just one man is attracted to her, but two?

Q. Whoa…all of this resonates as pretty steamy. It’s good to let Christy grow as we shall see in your latest Novel ‘Christy Bristol Astrology Mystery, A Snitch In Time,’ this Novel sounds intriguing. Let me ask you,
how do you know when you start a new project, which genre it would fit into, I know that when I write, after an hour or so, I know which genre the piece will fit best, do you work this way?

A. I have the same writing style and stick to the mystery genre. I do have a children's book on the back burner and I've done some sci-fi writing in short story format.   

That's interesting, you’re completing the last of a trio series of Christy Bristol and in the near future we should be on the look-out for a children’s book by Sunny Frazier…all of this sounds so promising. I’m excited for you.

Q.  Can you tell the audience a little about yourself? I know that in the business that you’re in, some may see your role as acquisition editor to be aligned with the Big Houses, perhaps see not you per se, but the business as tricksters, but I know you as an honest and forthright person as well as being fun to hang with. I hope that I nailed it correct.

A. Not sure if I'm a “trickster,” but I'm certainly a brat. I grew up the daughter of a Navy sailor, became a Ma Bell operator in the Los Angeles area and then joined the Navy during the Vietnam years. I wrote articles for military publications; got the attention of Washington DC but the Navy wouldn't reassign me from dental tech to journalist. I got out after four years and went to college in Fresno on the GI Bill majoring in journalism. I then worked as a photojournalist for two years until the paper folded and found a job at the Fresno Sheriff's Dept. I was the warrant clerk for six years before transferring to narcotics. There I did work as an information specialist, wrote articles for law enforcement magazines and started mystery writing. Now I'm retired and writing full-time. I'm also acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press.
     My goodness, you are so diverse, you’re like fourth dimensional, there are so many facets of Sunny Frazier and no wonder the expertise in your writing comes forth, there’s no deducing why you are successful. What a gift you are to so many of us.
     Q. I love the Pacific NW, does your latest project take place in your hometown of Fresno, or a place of imagination (I love imagination, hey you can go anywhere).
      A. All of my works take place in the San Joaquin Valley of California. It's an area I know and love, despite how others feel about it. I did change the name of the county to Central County and Fresno to Kearny in order not to offend the sheriff's department I worked for. I also created a town for Christy called Coronita. I wish it really existed.
     Q. What are your expectations in regards to your latest novel and do you think it will encapsulate your previous Bristol reception? Is this piece more of a fantasy or historical mystery with romance, danger and (dadadada) a gun?
     A. Since I've been more involved with marketing and now known in my position as acquisitions editor, I anticipate sales to be very good. Lots of fans have been hounding me for another Christy Bristol adventure. There are many different methods of murders in this novel and quite a few corpses.

    I love that, Sunny you know your stuff and you bring it home. I think I will call you a Wonder.
     Q. Is there a message you are trying to convey in your latest novel? And if so, can you share that message with the audience (I’m dying to know).
     A. I do try to push the envelope a bit in all my books. In FOOLS RUSH IN, I took readers inside a drug operation and tried to get them to see the meth dealers as real people, not stereotypes. WHERE ANGELS FEAR presented members of a sex club as the “good” guys. With A SNITCH IN TIME, I'm exploring female friendships, greed and disregard for vagrants and the homeless in society.
     Thank you for pushing the envelope, we all need some truth, even when it does not look so appetizing.
     Q. I know that you are the Marshal of the Posse, and we deputies will follow you from Under Mother Hubbard's Shoe to Apocalypse Now, so tell us your secret. Do you not sleep? Or do you drink a pot of coffee each morning while ‘blogging to us?
     A. Actually, I've made the process so efficient that it's really no extra work on my part. I start my day with a cup of coffee and writing on my novel. Then I allow myself to answer e-mail. If I see something of value, I notify the Posse. Later, I'll see who responded and I take time to thank them. Positive reinforcement. I'll eat at 11 a.m. and watch something I've taped on the DVR. Back to the computer for more e-mail, checking queries, writing blogs, fulfilling my commitments. I take a dip in the pool and take a nap at 3, watch the news at 5, work more on e-mail and queries. If there's some program on TV I like, I'll watch it without guilt. I end my day with John Stewart, catching the last of the e-mails and reading a book. I go to sleep around 1 a.m. I clean house on the weekend when e-mail is very light.
     For those who do not know about the 'Posse' this is Sunny’s baby. She has found us (yes, I’m one of them) from across the Nation as well as out of the Country, what she does is encourages us to write, but not only that, she is available for us.
     Some may think she sends us to too many sites, but I tell ya, she’s been there already. So if Sunny can take the time to venture to your site, we can do the same. 

Actually, we want to thank you Sunny for providing such valuable information that it would take the majority of us a lifetime to locate. Keep steering us. 

Just quickly I would like to get your first reaction on the following words.
a. Favorite colour: Purple
b. Favorite food: Crème Brulee
c. Lover of dog or cat? Cat
d. Favorite cologne/perfume? Mitsouko by Guerlain
e. Drink of choice? Diet Dr Pepper
f. If you and a companion can travel anywhere in the world, all expense paid for two weeks, where would you go?     The Caribbean: Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Cozumel, Antigua, Grenada.
g. If I had a _____ I would ______? (okay, I’ll give you a hint: If I had a magic carpet I would explore times unknown to man).
      If I had a time machine, I'd go back to the Tudor times.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy writing schedule to be with us today. I will invite my audience to go out and purchase Sunny Frazier's A SNITCH IN TIME after October, or contact Sunny at for more information. Thank you again Sunny, this was fun.

I will be seeing you all soon. Augie


jrlindermuth said...

Jumping on the bandwagon for those anxious to see A Snitch In Time in print.

jrlindermuth said...

Jumping on the bandwagon for those anxious to see A Snitch In Time in print.

Melodie Campbell said...

Great interview! Sunny, you have the most interesting background I have ever read. 'Brat' indeed . I love the quick one word questions - they are fun to read!

Sunny Frazier said...

Angela Roe couldn't get this to post, so I'm doing it for her.
"I love getting to know more about our good friend Sunny and Auggie, I like the way you did the interview. It was nice to hear more about you as well!

Theresa Varela said...

What I read here is the balance of consistency, exercise and especially taking time for pleasure while engaging in the rigors of writing. Great interview!

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