Monday, August 22, 2011

Morris, C.

Augie's Quick Post

Last week I was able to complete reading my first Western Novel by Chuck Morris called ‘Jack Montana.’

Jack is the main character in this story, you see, he was a throw away, an orphan that went from wrangler boss to wrangler, whoever won him is where he would lay his head. Until one day he met Dan and Martha Walker who took him in as their boy and gave him the name of Montana (good reading).

This fascinating Novel is written by a real live Cowboy, who owned a workin ranch in Missouri, where he would round up wild horses and break em for ridin.

I met this amazing man at Borders in Ontario, California (before its demise). He was such a gentleman, speaking with a soft twang about his love for horses and all things Western. 

His Novel captures the heart of the West even though now living in Southern California with his wife, 

Debra and a passel of grandkids ‘comin out to ride em dare ponies,’ and where he at the age of seventy still working with horses.
I would venture that if you take a gander over and buy this book, you will be as thrilled as I am to have met this author.
Oh by the way, he is workin on more Western stuff, but not a sequel to Jack Montana, well at least not until readers started to question him why not.
So in confidence he told me (now don’t go tell nobody) that he is seriously thinking about Jack’s next move. So look-out for Chuck Morris and his Wild West Medicine Show (not really), brought to you by Tate Publishing and Enterprising.  


Augie said...

I hope Mr.Morris will see this.

Alirose28 said...

Mr. Morris' book sounds awesome, I am definitely interested in reading this book. Thank you for the recommendation.

lee said...

this will be my first Western Love Story. I'm going out to buy this now

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