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By Jerry D. Simmons | September 17th, 2012 http://writersreaders.com/marketing-message  

Every writer must have the ability to describe their writing in a short, concise and profound manner. This is often called the hook, or elevator pitch, but I describe it as the marketing message. This is an important component of your overall plan in both written and oral language that mandates the writer’s ability to recite instantly and effectively.

The marketing message should be designed to capture the attention of the reader or listener in the first couple of sentences or statements and create curiosity, intrigue, and of course the need for more information. Here are some relevant points about the marketing message:

(1) Avoid clich├ęs,

(2) Should be provocative,

(3) Start the pitch with an impact,

(4) Must be short and to the point,

(5) Express your voice loud and clear,

(6) Make sure your passion is on display,

(7) Who is writing what you are writing?

(8) Answer: why would anyone want your writing?

(9) The key is your niche or position in the market,

(10)  Do not compare to a title that is hugely successful,

(11) Gives the reader or listener a positive feeling about your work,

(12) Rewrite and revise to perfection.

Bookstores are your laboratories, visit on a regular basis and observe, especially in the genre in which you are writing. Read competitive titles by authors that are not bestsellers, get an understanding of why the titles are on store shelves. The more you know competitively, the better your ability to create a strong marketing message.  Read jacket and flap copy, it will help you understand the importance of the marketing message.  Continue to improve upon what you have because this is one place where rewriting and revising will pay dividends.

The Marketing Message Tips for Writers

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Jerry D. Simmons is a former publishing executive in New York, who over the years has worked
on hundreds of New York Times bestselling titles and with numerous bestselling authors.
I have been following Jerry's blog for over a year. I have gained much use of his work in my daily writing.  augie

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