Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival '2013

The SGVLitFest was a success thanks to the vision of John Brantingham with the aid of Ann, Scott and Elder. They worked diligently from Spring ‘2012 accomplishing what many of us only think about. On-staged were published artists from both poetry and prose, and unpublished artists.

All three days were filled with the public flowing in and out of readings. In attendance was well over 2000.

The atmosphere was that of complicity—volunteers traded their personal time to that of the vision. They came from as far as Canada, The Hamptons, Las Vegas, and as near as West Covina, Long Beach, Fresno, Diamond Bar, Walnut, Rancho Cucamonga, etc.

Next year event planning is underway. Your taxed deductible contributions are welcomed as well as participation as volunteers.

Some of the highlights of the event:

Sunny Frazier's Posse