Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why I Write

I write because I have no choice, plain and simple at that. When I think, what I see, the things I envision, the people I meet, the dawning of the day, the dreams dreamt, the breath I breathe I see words and those words become sentences. And those sentences become paragraph. And from those paragraphs become stories.

I cannot say that all I see or envision is great, but there is a need to get those words out, so I am a writer of stories. A writer of stories overhauled from the images of people I see in my mind’s eye.

In Elementary I had an aunt who encouraged me to write once she read a story I wrote about Ralph J. Bunch and that we cannot live in a capsule, this was when my conscious level met my need. I’d revamp Classics that I read (i.e. Wuthering Heights) into plays for our class to act out and this is why I write.

Mary Stewart (one of the greatest Victorian writers) was once interviewed by another Londoner, she quoted when asked why she wrote, “…and I think you’re either born with the storyteller’s flair or you’re not. You can learn much about the craft of writing, but you either have the storyteller’s flair or you don’t. It’s no virtue of mine. It’s just there. In a story, however, each point of rest is also a point of departure; you can’t help it.” And I agree, that the storyteller wants to let the story out to be heard, read, visualize, tasted, chewed and spat out, this is why I write.

Perhaps what I write may not appeal to the masses, but I have the need to entertain, and this entertainment is through written word, this is why I write.

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