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20 Plots in writing

The 20 Plots in Writing...where does your story lie?

1. The Quest

The hero searches for something, someone, or somewhere.


2. The Adventure

The protagonist goes on an adventure, much like a quest, but with less of a focus on the end goal or the personal development of the hero.


3. The Pursuit

The focus is on chase, with one person chasing another (and perhaps with multiple and alternating chase).


4. The Rescue

Somebody is captured, who must be released by the hero or heroic party.

5. The Escape

The reversal of the rescue, a person must escape, perhaps with little help from others.

6. The Revenge

 A wronged person seeks retribution against the person or organization which has betrayed or otherwise harmed them or loved ones, physically or emotionally.

7. The Riddle

Entertains the audience and challenges them to find the solution before the hero

8. The Rivalry

 Two people or groups are set as competitors

9. The Underdog

Similar to rivalry, but where one person (usually the hero) has less advantage and might normally be expected to lose.

10. The Temptation
A person is tempted by something that, if taken, would somehow diminish them, often morally.

11. The Metamorphosis

The protagonist is physically transformed, perhaps into beast or perhaps into some spiritual or alien form.

12. The Transformation

Leads to change of a person in some way, often driven by unexpected circumstance or event.

13. The Maturation

A person grows up.

14. The Love

Tale of lovers finding one another, perhaps through a background of danger and woe. .

15. The Forbidden Love

Forbidden love happens when lovers are breaking some social rules.

16. The Sacrifice

Human sprit are extolled as someone gives much more than most people would give.

17. The Discovery

Strongly focused on the character of the hero who discovers something great or terrible and hence must make a difficult choice.

18. The Wretched Excess

The protagonist goes beyond normally accepted behavior as the world looks on, others are horrified by the ways of the protagonist.

19. The Ascension

The protagonist starts in the virtual gutter, as a sinner of some kind, then ascends to becoming a better person status.

20. The Descension

A person of initially high standing sinks to the gutter and moral turpitude, perhaps unable to handle stress and giving up

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