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What Books & The Publishing Landscape Will Look Like In 2016

One question – 30 answers!
I recently asked dozens of authors and members of the book publishing community to present their thoughts on the state of books for the future. I figured if presidential elections are every four years, why not ask about 2016 for publishing? Below are the diverse responses I received – unedited. In the near future I will reveal my own view of the future of book publishing.
“The future will continue to be about the power switch from publisher to author. This is a very exciting time in publishing. We have more options than ever before for publishing our titles and authors have the ability to go it alone in ways they never could. As time goes on, I see the larger publishers finding their way and continuing to add value to an author’s work through editorial, production and marketing efforts. They seem to be adapting to the e-book landscape very well and probably don’t get enough credit for that. As long as they continue to add this kind of value they will thrive. But authors will never need them the way they did to get published so the pressure to remain relevant will not go away. At the end of the day, the best books will rise to the top, whether they are self-published or released by a larger corporation, and that will be the way it is decades from now.”
--Scott Waxman, Founder of Diversion Books
“Just as a boomer found the transformation from black & white TV to color remarkable, the book world in 2016 will be very different. Publishers will provide content but books will be one (probably small) part of the way the content is delivered. People will read on laptops, phones, Ipads, Kindles, Nooks, etc...those of us who like to turn pages will be part of a distinct minority.”
--Debra Englander, Editorial Director, John Wiley & Sons

“What a great question. It seems like our industry is always trying to guess what the landscape will look like in a few years. Would anyone have guessed Navy SEAL memoirs would be a hot four years ago? I think we need to be prepared to adjust and change to the new technology formats that will appear. When I started in the industry, publishing was old-fashioned and resistant to change. Now, publishing is adaptable and looking for the cutting-edge new ideas . We all have to be open-minded and keep abreast of the tech world which used to be separate from the book world. To be out-of-date is career suicide.”
--Kim Bouchard, Sales, Operation and Event Manager, Macmillan Speakers Bureau,

“It’s been said that all good things come to an end. I can only hope that’s not true for paperbacks and hardcover books. While eBooks have become popular and the way to go, they definitely have a place, however, I don’t see them replacing the traditional way completely. There’s something about holding a book in my hands that is all part of the excitement of getting lost in a great story. Grasping it in my hands and holding that corner of the next page waiting until I reach the final word on the one before so I can hurriedly flip it over and see what happens is the soul of reading a book. Another part in all this is that some people can’t afford the Kindle or Nook or Sony eReader or the others that are out there. That’s where the original books come in even further than just the phenomenal feeling of holding the book. This feeling is something that people who are around thirty-five years old and older can relate to. Here’s hoping that we can pass the feeling along to the younger generations to keep it where it belongs, front and center, the soul of any great story. 

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