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Write your Best Line---

Many people are known for their famous lines. What is your most unforgettable line in your novel or poem that would inspire others to read your work? Post your line. I apologize that your book cover cannot be displayed, yet!

Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca-
“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."                                                                                                                                                   

Robert Frost--

Virginia Woolfe, Between the Acts   "Books are the mirrors of the soul" 

Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing,  "Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a land mine. The land mine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces back together. Now, it's your turn. Jump!"
“Read, read, read. Read everything -- trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it.William Faulkner, Light in August“Read, read, read. Read everything -- trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it.
Then write. If it's good, you'll find out. If it's not, throw it out of the window.”

Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman, “I am a Woman Phenomenally.
Phenomenal Woman,
that's me."


A.H.Scott, Fanaman Curse,
"...leaving blankets of bloody footprints that went nowhere—they led to nowhere. Yet they were everywhere. The sound of geese, screaming far off in the distance, released Charlotte from her entrapment"

“Posterity is the world to come; the world for whom we hold our ideals, from whom we have borrowed our planet, and to whom we bear sacred responsibility. We must do what America does best: offer more opportunity to all and demand responsibility from all”…Bill Clinton, New York Times,  Washington, D.C. (January 20, 1993)

             "big stars fall ain’t long before day..."anonymous


Monday, December 28, 2015

Start the New Year off with some mouth-watering mysteries, a few ghosts, and a curse or two!

bookIt’s the early 1900s and twenty-four-year-old heiress Charlotte Demerayes lives in the Fanaman mansion with a few ghosts and the mother from hell. This gothic mystery takes a turn when our protagonist sails to Europe and discovers the truth about herself, her heritage, and information her mother has hidden from her all her life. Fanaman Curse is the d├ębut novel for A. H. Scott

Friday, September 4, 2015

20 Plots in writing

The 20 Plots in Writing...where does your story lie?

1. The Quest

The hero searches for something, someone, or somewhere.


2. The Adventure

The protagonist goes on an adventure, much like a quest, but with less of a focus on the end goal or the personal development of the hero.


3. The Pursuit

The focus is on chase, with one person chasing another (and perhaps with multiple and alternating chase).


4. The Rescue

Somebody is captured, who must be released by the hero or heroic party.

5. The Escape

The reversal of the rescue, a person must escape, perhaps with little help from others.

6. The Revenge

 A wronged person seeks retribution against the person or organization which has betrayed or otherwise harmed them or loved ones, physically or emotionally.

7. The Riddle

Entertains the audience and challenges them to find the solution before the hero

8. The Rivalry

 Two people or groups are set as competitors

9. The Underdog

Similar to rivalry, but where one person (usually the hero) has less advantage and might normally be expected to lose.

10. The Temptation
A person is tempted by something that, if taken, would somehow diminish them, often morally.

11. The Metamorphosis

The protagonist is physically transformed, perhaps into beast or perhaps into some spiritual or alien form.

12. The Transformation

Leads to change of a person in some way, often driven by unexpected circumstance or event.

13. The Maturation

A person grows up.

14. The Love

Tale of lovers finding one another, perhaps through a background of danger and woe. .

15. The Forbidden Love

Forbidden love happens when lovers are breaking some social rules.

16. The Sacrifice

Human sprit are extolled as someone gives much more than most people would give.

17. The Discovery

Strongly focused on the character of the hero who discovers something great or terrible and hence must make a difficult choice.

18. The Wretched Excess

The protagonist goes beyond normally accepted behavior as the world looks on, others are horrified by the ways of the protagonist.

19. The Ascension

The protagonist starts in the virtual gutter, as a sinner of some kind, then ascends to becoming a better person status.

20. The Descension

A person of initially high standing sinks to the gutter and moral turpitude, perhaps unable to handle stress and giving up

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Interview with Charlotte Demerayes, "Fanaman Curse"

          It’s been about three years since I traveled to Montauk Peninsula, and spent time with my friend Charlotte Demerayes. I wonder what she has been up to since our last visit.
           It looks like not too much has changed, as far as I can see. The grounds of the estate are just as pristine, the walls surrounding the estate are still standing, as majestic. But, there is a difference here, um. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s strange. 
There’s Charlotte now.
Augie: Hey Charlotte. 
Charlotte: Hi, Augie.
Augie: How are things?
Charlotte: I’m good.
Augie: The last time I was here, I allowed you to run the interview. Why don’t you introduce yourself and take it from there. I will pop in and out, when I think of a question or two.
Charlotte: That works for me.
Augie: The sea sounds ominous today.
Charlotte: Yes, Augie the sea does sound a little angry. If you pull the curtain back, you can actually see the harbor in the distance. Okay, I think I’m ready. Let me see. I suppose I should introduce myself and then go from there.
Augie: I think that would be a great place to start
Charlotte: Here goes. My name is Charlotte. I am the only living child of Theis Veit-Standforte and Chevalier Georges Aethelbert Demerayes. We live in this mansion that has been in the Demerayes’ family for generations. My mother is called Mistress and father is Master of Fanaman. He is a land baron. I had a younger brother, but he died when we were children. No one speaks of Matthew. Actually, no one is allowed to say his name, or mention anything about him according to Mistress. Let me see, I am nearly twenty. I have never married, nor have I ever been betroth. According to Mistress, I am a disaster, a failure to all women and a failure to the Veit-Standforte’s name. You see women in this era were considered spinsters if they were not married or betroth by the age of sixteen. I am a little late. Mistress reminds me all the time that I am an embarrassment, I accept this. I wanted to be unconventional, you know never marry. Enjoy life. That was not to be. Mistress had other plans for me. To be honest she hates me.
Augie: Isn’t that a little harsh.
Charlotte: Oh no, Mistress does not allow me to go anywhere.  You know Fanaman is cursed?
Augie: No, I did not know this.
Charlotte: Yep. Let me see. My life is centered between these walls. All I have learned about life was taught by Mary. She’s my favorite person. She’s also our maid. My dear old Alexander, I love him the best (besides Father). I call him Alexy. He’s Father’s manservant and Father’s boyhood friend. Mother has no friends. I call her Mistress, just like everyone else. Actually, she prefers that. She spends her time conjuring up spells and doing evil things to people and me. She never spends time with me, unless it is to ridicule me about one thing or another. I heard at one time she had a friend. But, she disappeared, like the things in the mansion.
Augie: Interesting.
Charlotte: Mother tells me that I am crazy. That I steal things. Actually, I think Mother is the one who takes things and blames it on me. Or, I could be crazy. Let me see. Oh yes. Mother hates Father. She is really mean to him. I suppose she is that way, because she was forced to marry him—some old tradition. Mother hates father, sorry I just told you that. Well, she hates her life at Fanaman. She hates the servants. She hates just about everything. Did I tell you that she sees ghosts?

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Monday, February 2, 2015

California Crime Writers Conference June 6 & 7, 2015

                               Will I see you there?

Saturday & Sunday, June 6 & 7, 2015 at the DoubleTree Hotel
located in Culver City, California (aka 'The Westside')

The Keynote Speakers are New York bestsellers
Charlaine Harris and Anne Perry
You don't want to miss out!
A time for writers and established authors to mingle with editors, agents and such.
To obtain inside information in the publishing industry.
To hone one's craft and energize your creativity.
Two days of workshops with panels
Breakout sessions
two breakfast
two lunches
two afternoon snacks
Screening of Noir Film: The Blue Gardenia
And a goody bag full of books, brochures and other stuff
Spread the word and I hope I will see you there
Register Early


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