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Today we will be interviewing Melodie Campbell, who’s latest Fantasy and Futuristic Novel ‘Rowena Through the Wall’ is now #2 on the top 100 book sale list, can you believe it! Melodie has 5 awards for fictions,  over 200 publications, including 100 humor columns, 30 short stories and now her first published novel.                                                                                                

Welcome Melodie,  

First of all I must say that I admire your humor as well as your writing, but before we sit back and girl talk let me tell you that I am so proud of you and where your writing has taken you.

Can I say it again, #2 out of all the submissions to Amazon, and lady it’s you.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit and talk a while. I am sure there will be many comments for you to answer later, but right now let’s kick back (I hope you don’t mind, but I need to take these heels off) and talk over a hot cup of Jasmine Tea.

Oh Augie!  Always coffee J  Kenyan, with double cream.

Well, okay that sounds even better!

Tell us how Rowena Through the Wall came about. I know that it is a fantasy, but where did you draw from to introduce such a fantastic character?
I got my start writing comedy, and had a humor column for several years.

That’s Fantastic.
 In 1993, a producer from fledgling HBO say my play ‘Burglar for Coffee,’ labeled it “Completely nuts” and offered me a spot writing pilots, which I stupidly turned down.  This goes on record as one of the worst decisions ever made by a human not officially insane.

Rowena was the story I should have written back then.  I wanted to write a rollicking adventure, something akin to ‘The Princess Bride’, but from the point of view of a strong female.  It also had to be a vehicle for wacky humor.  I can’t seem to write straight.  Every time I do, the gremlins take over and twist the words.

I love that. You are so witty as well as entertaining, no wonder why audiences want to hear and read whatever you’re doing. I’m sure we all would like to know that with all the success as Rowena Through The Wall, will there be a sequel?
Yes!  I am half way through Rowena and the Dark Lord now.  There will be an increase in magic,
more danger, but the same zany humor.

This is more than fantastic, tell us more about Rowena, in that do her characteristics reflect you or someone you encountered?
No question, Rowena is a gal I’d love to be in another life – a younger, more daring ‘me’.  Rowena does things that I wouldn’t have the courage to do.  Physically, some (but not all) of her traits come from my experience.  For instance, I outrageously spoof bodice rippers in this book.  Rowena is always ‘ripping’ her bodice, and wrecking her dresses.  That’s me.

I love it, I have to admit that I never, ever, no not ever, well…yes I have. I’m sorry; the brain can go to strange places at times, you were saying,
Funny, but only one reviewer has commented to me about the book spoofing bodice rippers.  I thought it was so obvious!  But maybe that’s what makes writing fantasy fun; some people ‘get’ the satire and others just enjoy the plot.  I’m happy either way.

Did I not tell you that she is witty and brilliant, your personality reflects so beautifully in your writing. I believe that you are in the midst, not meant to be a pun, you know through, middle, anyway. Okay audience, once you have gained your equanimity and have placed Rowena Through The Wall on your books to share with others, there’s a sequel, but I don’t think Melodie is through with us, is there another project, I heard a snippet about The Goddaughter, excuse me but Damn.
The Goddaughter is even more wacky – it’s a comic mob caper that takes place in the industrial city of Hamilton.  Here’s the quick blurb:
“Stolen jewels, smoggy Steeltown and a reluctant mob Goddaughter make for a whole lot of laughs!”

That’s great, it sounds wonderfully MADCAP.
I signed the contract with Orca books last week.  This is for their Rapid Reads line – a shorter novel.  These are very popular with ESL students who want to read adult books that aren’t too intimidating.

You are all over the place, as well as considerate of others. We have to applaud you for writing in a way that we all can look at ourselves and find humor; this is a rare quality that you possess.

What a wonderful idea to have a trailer in regards to Rowena Through the Wall, will we see more trailers in the Spring of 2012. 
I don’t know what Orca has in mind for The Goddaughter yet!  But Rowena and the Dark Lord will definitely have a trailer. 

That’s something to look forward too. I see you have a loyal following, can you share with the audience your platform. How difficult was it to stay on task, when the world is spinning and you have other responsibilities?
You couldn’t ask that at a more profound time.  My mother is palliative, and my family responsibilities now are onerous.  As well, I am the General Manager of Crime Writers of Canada, so I’m pretty busy during the day.  As it happens, I am a career marketer with a degree in business, so marketing isn’t foreign to me.  But even then, I am shocked at the time authors need to spend marketing.  I respond to every opportunity to guest blog, and keep active on Facebook and Twitter.  There is never enough time.  Let me tell you, marketing is a lot easier when you have the big budget of a corporate marketing department behind you! 

You know, when I read other blogs there’s always one or two who will state that they do not have the time to read other posts (okay I’m guilty) what nugget of knowledge can you impart.
Yes, I find it tough to keep up with everything.  If people want me to read a specific post, I tell them the best thing is to email me.  The thing I don’t get a lot of time to do is play on blogger or twitter.  If someone brings the post to my attention, I’ll almost always read it.

Just in these few moments, I have learned so much about you. Usually when one read, there is wonderment about the author. Like are they true to their trade, or is it all about fame and money. You have such, there’s a French word that I want to use, but I will not say it French-like, so I say, you have a uniqueness that not too many writers can put to print, there’s no force laughter. Okay you’re amazing,

On a lighter note, we both are deputies of Marshal Sunny Frazier, (as well as many others,), as many sites as Sunny suggest that we visit, do you think that it waste your time? I agree, Sunny is very good at picking sites that encourages a writer to forge ahead, they may be time consuming, but I would not have ever known you hadn’t I read your blog.

Talk about generosity!  Sunny is a saint.  She cuts through a lot of chaff, with the links she sends us.  And I have met some wonderful people and guested on several blogs through her connections.  I expect these will pay off in exposure and sales.  And perhaps it already has.  Rowena Through the Wall went to No. 2 on the bestseller list (fantasy, futuristic) today.

What would you like to share about yourself, as far as your career is concerned?

I’ve been a bank manager, marketing director, college instructor, comedy writer and possibly the worst runway model ever.

Hey that’s funny, me too, I mean the modeling stuff, that’s another life.

I love fantasy as well as futuristic reads, but I also love and write with a historical flair, and I think I see the same here in Rowena Through The Wall, am I mistaken?
Actually, Rowena is a fantasy that takes you into the past.  My late cousin Tony was Viscount Clegg-Hill of Shropshire and Shrewsbury.  In Rowena, I use the Norman castle that was in the family from the time of 1100 (It was ruined in early 1500 and rebuilt in 1556 as Hawkstone Park.)  Rowena walks through the wall into the land of her ancestors and she falls in love with it too.

Thats  SuperCalifragillisticalidocious,  (I use to be able to spell that, the grey cells are dying).

Is there a message you are trying to convey in your latest Novel? And if so, can you share that message with the audience?
My message would be to enjoy a really fun escape book!  I write to entertain, Augie.  I feel we get enough messages from newspapers and religious tomes.  In writing fiction, I hope to give the reader a fun escape from reality for just a little while.  As an example, here is a line that is often quoted from my novel:
                     “Is that a broadsword on your belt, or are you just glad to see me?”

As Weasey would say, “Love it,” (all those who do not know her, she’s from Dragon Tales)

Just quickly I would like to get your first reaction on the following words.

a       Favorite colour:  Blue  - sapphire, cyan – anything vivid.  Blue makes my heart sing.  You’ll see that in my author photo.
b.       Favorite food – pasta.  I’m like Sophia Loren – “All you see, I owe to pasta.”
c.       Lover of dog or cat?   Dog.  I have a giant Frankenpoodle.
d.        Favorite cologne/perfume?  Verbena de Provence, by Jo Malone (lemony)
e.       Drink of choice?  Amarone for wine.  Scotch in winter.
f.    If you and a companion can travel anywhere in the world, all expense paid for two weeks, where would you go?
Back to Italy!  I am half Italian.  Rome, Sorrento (I love Sorrento), Sicily.
I’m a ruins geek.  You can’t beat the Greek ruins on the south coast of Sicily.
     g.      If I had a _____ I would ______? (okay, I’ll give you a hint: If I had a magic  
           carpet I would explore times unknown to man)
             If I had a supernatural gift, I would want to be able to talk with animals.  I love animals, 
             especially dogs, horses and donkeys.  How I would love to be an animal-whisperer, like 
             my protagonist Rowena.

This was fun, thank you for taking the time out to be with us today. I will invite my audience to go to or Smashwords in the United States and in Canada to purchase Rowena Through the Wall, let’s make it #1 on Amazon best selling list, and look forward to Melodie’s  ‘The Goddaughter’ coming in the Spring 2012.
Thank you again Melodie.
= Rowena Through the Wall (Imajin Books) is available at,,,, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.                                            
View trailer and read opening scene at                          

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