Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Review/Maggie Sefton

Maggie Sefton: Deadly Politics

Ms. Sefton tone comes out in this diabolical account of Capitol Hill and many of its diversions that the common people have no idea what really happens—when Power and Money mixes.

Molly Malone once the voice of reasoning during her husband stay in political office and well loved returns to the Hill and its concrete—after many years of avoiding the scandals, the back-stabbings and her own personal heartbreak.

She witnesses this heartbreak once again when her niece is murdered after admitting that she was having an affair with a congressional chief of staff that ruin her career as well as his.

This is a fast moving, motivated novel with the political angle imbedded deeper than this story revealed—with mysterious encounters of future villains of Raynard and Spiner.

One of Sefton’s best with hopes that there will be sequels to the unanswered.

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